For Hospitals

With increased regulation and high expectations for value, Hospitals need new tools to improve operational efficiency and gain an advantage over their peers.Reducing readmission rates is vital as Medicare will no longer reimburse for readmissions for a number of diagnoses within 30 days of discharge. Another area that third party payors will increasingly address is duplication of care, which is cumbersome and sometimes dangerous for patients. More and more, duplication of care will not be reimbursed.Improved communication between hospital-based providers and outpatient providers leads to enhanced coordination of care and thus, lower readmission rates.   Both patient and providers have improved level of satisfaction when they know all stakeholders are well informed. Seamless sharing of patient information leads to timelier care plan modifications, which leads to a shorter length of stay and better patient outcomes.

Benefits for Hospitals

Business Development

Recruit for Better Hires

  • DoctorCom is medical practice recruitment tool
  • Can be offered as stand alone or part of platform
  • Low cost to provide, but great perceived value by end-users

Retain with Job Satisfaction

  • Increased provider satisfaction equals retention
  • Higher retention of providers and nurses lowers costs/improves continuity
  • Can be provided to nursing and ancillary staff to communicate with doctors and soon...patient families

Deliver with Improved Care

  • Healthcare reform focusing on efficient delivery of care
  • Efficiency/Quality now public record
  • Reimbursement tied to effective communication and error reduction


Improved Cost Control

Reduced Readmission Rates

  • Better Provider to Provider “Hand-offs” lowers readmits
  • "Transitions of Care" can be monitored for quality
  • Optimal Provider-Patient communication increases customer satisafaction

Facilitates File Sharing to Decrease Duplication of Care

  • Medicare and Insurance Companies will not cover duplications in care
  • Duplication of studies delays care and can put patient at risk
  • lowers patient satisfaction

Timelier Care

  • Lab results and x-rays can be pushed in real-time to relevant provider
  • Providers can coordinate care anywhere/anytime
  • Ancillary staff can communicate changes in patient status directly to provider



DoctorCom syncs health data with delivery of care to provide a suite of services which enable you to provide higher quality care.

  • Timely sharing of info
  • Revised treatment plans
  • Higher quality of care