Michael Eiffert, M.D. CEO

Michael is a graduate of the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry and was Chief Resident in Internal Medicine before working as a hospitalist at Stanford University and later Sequoia Hospital. Michael has been a leader in mobile health solutions since his days as an intern when he led one of the first teams to monitor asthmatics via mobile devices. Dr Eiffert has authored significant intellectual property and continues to work on improving patient care and outcomes through optimized communication.

Thorsten Lockert Chief Technology Officer

Thorsten was responsible for building up the original site infrastructure and network at eBay, the world's leading person-to-person online trading community. He also had a principal role on eBay's architecture R&D team. Prior to that he worked three years as the Director of Network Operations with TAL Wireless Networks in the Bay Area and for 12 years as a Software Engineer, System Administrator in Norway. He also co-founded the leading on-line community in Norway. In his spare time,  he works on maintaining and extending OpenBSD, a free multi-platform Unix operating system and Asterix, a free VOIP PBX.

Board of Directors